Orionh Plus arises from the need of the photographer to save time in post-production. Orionh Plus is the result of a long study and research in order to give the best in any context, any time and even make beginners work that would last hours in a few seconds / minutes.

It is a concentrate of technology and innovation with completely automated processes and can cope with any situation: overexposed lights, underexposed shadows, desaturated colors and much more.

Orionh Plus is also aimed at lovers of digital-art, for which we have created completely automated processes that can turn the scene upside down in a completely realistic way taking care of the shadows and the lights.


Orionh Plus is divided into 4 main sections:


AUTO: Automatically processes the Milky Way, gives the best of itself with photos without adjustments.
OOST CONTRAST: 3 different application levels. This function is used to "extrude" the Milky Way D & amp; B (Dodge & Burn) to manually counteract dark and bright areas.CA (Auto Contrast) counteracts dark and bright areas.
DARK SKY: This function is always divided into two different levels to darken the sky around the Milky Way.
FILTER STARS: Select stars (select all the bright dots). Filter to soften the stars to bring out the nebula.
LIGHTS KILLER: Various lights: Eliminates the lights on the whole working exclusively on the highlights. Pollution: Eliminates light pollution making it homogeneous to the rest of the sky.
SATURATION: Check the saturation of the photo.
COLOR STOP: Used to eliminate color dominants.
NOISE REDUCTION: Background Noise / Background Noise: attenuates noise due to high ISO. Stains color: removes stains of color.
HOT PIXEL: Divided into 2 intensities, removes all the dots due to the noise of the sensor, improving the quality of the photo. The first intensity can also be used on the stars; the second only for the background.
STACKING: A guided and automated process to reduce photo noise using the Stacking technique.


STAR-TRAILS MAKER: Automates the process of creating Star-Trails.
FLUID STARTRAILS: Divided into 4 intensities, it smoothes the startrails in order to make them smooth and homogeneous, making the lines very delicate and nuanced. Polar (Polaris center collapse) to be used only on the narrow part of the polar to hide as far as possible the fluid effect on absolute black.
EXTRACT: Same function as before only much more precise and heavy in the extrusion passages colors on the trichrome (color stars / stars color) and four-color (saturation stars / star saturation).
COLOR CAST: Extracts the colors of the stars based on the choice of the 3 RGB colors (all 3 can be applied).
TONALITY: Change the color tone on the stars.
STARS & amp; LIGHT: Uniform lights / Flat Lights generates a flat on the general lights reducing the moiré effect. Reduce Stars / Minimum Stars makes the finer and smaller trails disappear to help eliminate the moiré effect.
NOISE REDUCTION: Noise Background / Background Noise: attenuates noise due to high ISO. Dust and scratches / Dust and Scratch: eliminates artifacts and the like created during the process.
HOT PIXEL: Divided into 2 intensities, removes all the dots due to the noise of the sensor, improving the quality of the photo. The first intensity can also be used on the stars; the second only for the background.


CA: (Automatic Contrast) counteracts dark and bright areas.
FILTER STARS: Select stars (select all the bright dots) Filter divided into 4 intensities with different effects, similar to the filter stars of the milkyway section but acting in a general and light way.
SATURATION: Saturate the stars.
GREEN KILLER: Varia channel, varies the green channelDominant in 2 intensity helps to remove the green dominant
HALOS KILLER: Removes blue marks.
GRADIENT KILL: Generally eliminates gradients.
NOISE KILL: Acts on the noise of the photo with various functions.
SIMULATION: H-alpha in 2 intensities acts on the channels extrapolating the red signal, simulating an h-alpha channel. OIII in 2 intensities acts on the channels simulating the third oxygen.
STARSPIKES: Simulates spikes to the stars in various intensities.


EXTRACTOR: This function is able to extract where light and shadows are needed by automatically selecting and recognizing where there is a lack of lights and / or shadows.
CONTRAST: These functions are divided into 1,2,3, hrla and emphasizes. The numbers indicate the volume of contrast that will act on the photo, hrla instead makes an automatic selection of lights and shadows going to separate them, emphasizes serves to focus more the range of action of the contrast by acting more violently on the file.
ORTON: Divided into the 3 numbers that indicate the volume of action of the orton effect, the wording "colors" acts on the colors saturating and working only on them, "magic light" instead gives that mystical and fairytale atmosphere in your photos.
RECOVERY: Divided into "highlights" and "shadows" selecting one of them will recover the overexposed lights or shadows underexposed depending on the selection.


SPECIAL FX: This function, divided into 3 actions, is used to give, depending on the selection, a sunset effect, sunrise light or to transform a photo into IR or from day to night.
LAMBENT: This function is used to realistically create a light-painting effect or drawing with light by selecting a text and "drawing" it in the form of light-painting. This works also creates shadows and lights in order to make the effect appear realistic.
DARK MOOD BEAM: This works completely transforms your photo into an epic scene, the arrows are used to choose the direction of the light beam.
BLIZZARD: Turn your photo into a snowstorm scene fully automated, no matter if it was taken at noon in the middle of summer, the effect will be realistic.


Divided into 3 actions, serves to sharpen your photo, the higher the number the higher the degree of action on the photo will be.


CONVERSION / FISHEYE / LITTLE-PLANET: They are specific functions to create panoramas, fisheye effect and little-planet.
WHEEL / REFLECTIONS: These are functions used to rotate, move or mirror your panoramas in a mirror.


BRIGHTNESS MASKS: They are used to select lights, half tones and shadows. Depending on the choice, the mask can be adjusted micro-metrically.
TONALITY MASKS: They are used to select colors, divided into cold tones and warm tones: you can automatically select the lights, the half tones and shadows of the colors. Depending on the choice, the mask can be adjusted micro-metrically.
HSL: They are used to modify the saturation, luminance and tone of each individual color.


If you are looking for a tool to reduce development time and do what you have always wanted to do but you can not do Orionh Plus is what you need.
Recall that Orionh Plus is one of the best tools for postproduction of landscape shots and astrophotography. His concentration of technology and innovation means that the photographer finds his right outburst and the right mood to give to his photos making possible what was previously impossible.

Professionals have made available their knowledge and their most used techniques to create this extension that has only so much to discover, designed and created by designers to give maximum comfort and ease of use in everyday use have made Orionh Plus the perfect tool for post-production.

Become part of our big family and take control of your images today, we are waiting for you!
From today postproduce a milky way in a professional way in a couple of clicks is no longer utopia!

  • Ease of use
  • Fast workflow
  • Graphic comfort
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Original and unique features
  • Frequent updates
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fast and efficient support